An Ode to Japanese Fabric

I just raed a really great article  on Japanese culture, history, and japanese fabric.  It is written by Gary Bloom, owner of an online store Kyoto Collection.

This is a really good source to help you get into the mind of a Japanese. Here is a short cart of it….

“I started buying and selling new and vintage fabric soon after I made Kyoto my home in 1998 and I’m still just as enthralled by the city in general and textiles in particular all these years later.

I hadn’t planned on making fabric my focus before I got here, but it didn’t take long for me to get hooked on Kyoto’s famed monthly temple markets, rousing myself before dawn on market days to go treasure hunting and practice some Japanese in the process.

I had a second hand extendable camping backpack that I’d bought with outdoor adventuring in mind that I instead requisitioned for use on market mornings.  Though I never have gotten around to the camping, that pack has more than earned its keep, stuffed full like a fisherman’s creel by mid-morning on so many occasions with kimono and other finds!

There are many angles from which we can look at this fascinating world-material and how it’s woven, dyeing techniques, motifs, and the way in which a given fabric was used by its owner.

Here, rather than try to write an encyclopedic overview, I’d like to explore the world of Japanese fabric in more general terms that put it in a larger context and give a sense of the dynamism that makes it such a rewarding and sometimes addictive pursuit.”

Get on over there and take a look at it!

Bonsai Bargains!

Grab a Bonsai Bargain!

A bonsai sale is a good way for beginners to get into the hobby without spending hundreds of dollars on a trained tree as well as supplies. When you are taking advantage of a bonsai sale, there are several things that you will want to keep in mind.

If you are taking advantage of a bonsai sale, there are several things that you will want to confirm. If the quality of any part of your bonsai is low, you will experience problems.

A bonsai sale does not necessarily mean low quality goods. These types of bonsai sales are usually where you can get the best prices on high quality bonsai supplies and plants. This is the type of bonsai sale that you want to take advantage of, as these high quality Japanese bonsai supplies will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

When you are buying through a bonsai sale, most of the goods being sold will be a year old, possibly several years old. Taking advantage of a bonsai sale can save you a great deal of money while still getting you the same quality of gear.

If you are new to the bonsai hobby, or if you want to purchase supplies for someone just entering the hobby, you will want to consider shopping at a bonsai sale to get a complete set of gear. This will usually include the concave cutters and wire pliers typically used by more advanced users.

A bonsai sale is more common through online stores, although some bonsai gardens and nurseries will host sales.